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Our appearance is more pronounced with attractive white teeth.
Avoid spots with aesthetic dental treatment. Bleaching is one of the most sought after dental procedures.
Natural teeth are dark as time goes by, and lifestyle also contributes to it.
Usually affects smoking, coffee, tea or wine.
By dental means, teeth whitening means clearing the color of the natural tooth and the stains caused by external substances.
The result of tooth whitening usually lasts for years if they follow the intentions of our specialists, such as tooth whitening toothpaste.
A healthy white tooth will depend on the established lifestyle and habits.
Teeth whitening treatment at Bartók Dental Dental Clinic is successful!
Please take into consideration:
In children under the age of 15, the tooth enamel has not yet fully developed,
there is no need for whitening here, nor for pregnant women.
Teeth whitening is not recommended for those with a dental problem, such as gingivitis.
First, the dental problem has to be solved.
Oral hygiene helps prevent the discomfort of the spots.
Jazmin Dental Clinic Dentists help you reach the desired appearance, and treat all dental abnormalities in your area.
Our dental service covers many different diseases.
Come to us and discover all the services,
Enjoy total dental, oral hygiene, all stages of life.

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